Primary Business is the main business listing for an individual constituent. The business that is marked as Primary will show on the Business button on Bio1. You can have multiple businesses listed on the Relationship tab, but only the Primary Business will appear on the Bio1.

If the organization is already on the Relationship tab, open the relationship and mark the business as Primary Business. This places the business on the Primary Business button on the Bio1 tab.

To add a new Primary Business relationship:
1. Open the individual's record.
2. On the Bio1 tab, click the Business button.
3. Search for the organization's record by clicking the binoculars in the Org Name field, or enter the Organization's name manually if the organization is not a constituent.
4. In the section "For this organization, this individual is a(n):" mark the option for Primary business information.
5. Fill out other information as necessary.
6. Click OK.