Note: Crystal Reports must be installed on the workstation to create Custom Reports.

For The Raiser's Edge 7, The Financial Edge, and other version 7 Blackbaud software, the Crystal Reports for Blackbaud installation is on a separate installation CD or Installation File. To install Crystal Reports:

  1. Disable any anti-virus protection programs.
  2. Insert the update or installation CD into the CD-ROM or if provided a ZIP file, unzip the file
  3. Click Start, Run.
  4. Browse to the SETUP.EXE on the CD or in the directory where Crystal Reports was unzipped.
  5. Follow the prompts to install.
Note: The ability to add custom Crystal reports to the Reports module allows users to run Crystal reports without installing additional software on each workstation. To learn more about custom reports refer to How to add custom Crystal reports to The Raiser's Edge 7.5 and higher.

Please contact Support to receive a Crystal Reports CD or to have the install files placed in your FTP folder for download (Crystal Reports is not available for download from the Blackbaud website).

Note: If files are downloaded from the FTP, they must be run locally on the workstation, rather than from an external storage device,