Setting up event seating is a two-step process that involves setting up the seating layout (e.g. the number of sections, tables, rows, etc.) and assigning the participants to the seats.
  1. Set up the seating layout

    If the seating layout has already been set up, skip these instructions and begin assigning participants to seats according to the instructions in Section II, below.
    1. Open the appropriate event. On the General tab, click the Seating button.
    2. The Event Seating Setup Wizard welcome screen appears. Click Next.
    3. The Seating Layout screen appears. If you want to copy the seating layout from another event, click Copy from another Event (BB181400). Otherwise, select the appropriate seating configuration:
      • Sections, Tables, and Seats  
      • Sections, Rows, and Seats  
      • Sections and Seats  
      Enter the number of sections, tables, rows, or seats in the corresponding field. The fields available here depend on the option select selected for the seating configuration. The total seating capacity updates automatically at the bottom of the screen based on the information you enter. Click Next.
      Note: The maximum total seating capacity is 25,000, which includes a maximum of 10 sections, 50 tables per section, and 50 seats per table.
    4. In the Sections screen, ensure that the seating layout is correct. If not, either manually correct it or click Previous and update the selections on the Seating Layout screen. For continuous numbering (BB170246), mark the Use continuous numbering checkbox. Click Next. Repeat for the Tables, Rows, and Seats screens. (The screens that appear are determined by the seating layout selected in step 3.)
    5. Click Finish

      Note: Section, tables, rows, and seats may be added, renamed, renumbered, or moved after this initial setup.  

  2. The Seating screen is divided into three frames:

    • Participants - lists participants for whom the Do not seat this Participant checkbox is unmarked.
    • Seats - reflects the design you set up using the Seating Setup Wizard.
    • Groups - allows you to group participants together for seating

    To seat a participant, do one of the following: 

    • Automatically assign participants to seats (BB19191)
    • Drag and drop the participant's name from the Participants frame to the Seats frame. If you drop the participant on a seat, that's where they are seated. If you drop participant on a table, row, or section, they are automatically seated in the first available seat beneath your selection.  
    • To simultaneously seat multiple participants, press the Ctrl key, highlight the participants, and drag and drop them in the Seats frame. For obvious reasons, when dragging and dropping multiple participants, you can drop them only on a table, row, or section, not an individual seat.  
    • You can also seat individuals by clicking the Participants frame's Assign to toolbar button. The button's wording (e.g., Assign to Seat vs. Assign to Table) adjusts based on whether you've selected a seat, table, row, or section in the Seats frame.  
    • To seat participants in groups, click New Group in the Groups frame and enter a name when prompted. Drag and drop participants from the Participants frame to the new group or highlight the participant and the group and click the Participants frame's Add to Group toolbar button. To seat a group, drag and drop it from the Groups frame to the Seats frame.  
    • To seat a participant from the participant record, open the appropriate participant record. On the General tab, select Participant, Seating for this Event from the menu bar and assign the appropriate seat. Note: To show only participants that have not been assigned a seat, in the Participants frame, click the down arrow in the Show: drop down menu and select Unseated Participants. The Total seats, No. seats assigned, and Vacant seats fields at the bottom of the Seating Assignments screen update automatically as seats are assigned.
      To change seating assignments: Once seated, you can drag and drop the participant to a different seat, if needed. Or, to remove a participant from the Seats frame completely, right-click the participant's name and select Remove participant from seat from the menu. To remove assigned seats for all participants at once, refer to BB90590.
  3. Assign participants to seat

If you have completed the Seating Wizard and seated your participants and later want to Add Tables or Seats to Tables, do NOT go through the wizard again.  This would erase the settings and seating assignments already made.  Go to the sections pane of the seating chart, select a section to highlight it and then right click and select Add Table.  If additional seats need to be added to a table, select the table itself and right click and select New Seat.

For more information, review the Event Management Data Entry Guide.