First, set up how renewal notices should be sent for each membership category:
    1. In Configuration, select Membership Categories
    2. Open each Membership Category for which renewal notices should be sent
    3. On the Renewal Information tab, define what letters you are sending and when:
      • Place your cursor in the Letters field and press F7.
      • Add the name of your Word letter and click OK.
      • Complete the other fields
      • Letters - Indicate which letter to send for the renewal notice.
      • Comments - Enter additional comments to include with this renewal.
    • No. - Number of days, weeks, months, or years before or after expiration that a renewal notice should be sent.
    • Frequency - Functions with the No. column to determine days, weeks, months, or years before or after expiration that a renewal notice should be sent.
    • Before/After - Indicates if the renewal notice should be sent before or after expiration of membership.
    • Save and close the membership category.
    • Create the mailing:

      1. In Mail, select Renewal Notices and click New.
      • Select the appropriate Notice Type. If creating custom renewal notices, select Create custom data file.
      • Select the Date range of those expiration dates of memberships to include.
      • Date of notice is the date you plan to mail the renewals. This date is used to determine if the membership will receive a letter based upon what is entered in Config. For example, let's say you have a membership which expires on 9/1/2003. You include 9/1/2003 in the date range for the mailing. That membership Category in Configuration says you will send a letter 2 weeks before expiration. This means you plan to mail to them beginning 8/18/2003. If you enter todays date into Date of notice, then Raiser's Edge will not include them in the mailing. If you enter 8/18/2003 as the Date of notice, then it will. This is needed because you may wish to send more than one letter to prompt the member to renew.
      • Select the Fields you want in the letter on the Fields to Include tab.
      • Complete the other tabs as needed.