Create a query that excludes the records and use that query in the report, mailing, or export

Filter on specific records:

  1. Open the query parameters
  2. Add the following filter to the Criteria tab:
    Constituent Information, Specific Record not one of [all the constituents to remove from the query] 

Create two queries and merge them:
  1. Create a constituent query and use filter(s) that select all the constituents to delete from the existing query
  2. Merge the two queries using SUB as the merge operator.  The query of records to be excluded is the secondary query in the merge.

In the report or mail parameters, there are other options to eliminate specific constituents

  • Include or exclude records with specific attribute(s) from the Attributes tab
  • Include or exclude constituents marked as deceased, inactive, or no valid address on the General tab in the Include these constituents frame.
  • Include only the Head of Household constituent, only the non-Head of Household constituent, or both of them by selecting the appropriate option in the Head of Household frame on the General tab
  • On the Filters tab, choose Selected rather than all for the appropriate field (for example constituency code)