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Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • On the General tab of the import parameters under What do you want to do?, select Update existing records if any of the records in the import file already exist in The Raiser's Edge
    • Ensure that all records have unique import IDs, constituent IDs, and/or Social Security Numbers:
      1. On the control report, note the records for which the exception occurred
      • Open the data file in Microsoft Excel and change the import ID, constituent ID, or social security number to a unique value.

        Note: If necessary, create a constituent query in The Raiser's Edge to locate any records with a specific import ID, constituent ID, or Social Security Number. The filters for these fields are located in the Constituent Information category on the Criteria tab of the query. Also locate any relationships with a specific import ID or SSN. The filters for these fields are located in Relationships, Individuals.

      • Save and close the data file


      For more information on unique identifiers, refer to What is the unique identifier to identify existing constituents when importing? (BB87878).