1. Confirm that the value in the ID/Description field (depending on the user options setting in step 2) match exactly with that of your import file:
    1. In Raiser's Edge, select Records, Funds
    2. Search and and open the Campaign/Fund/Appeal in question
    3. Note the ID/Description field on the record and compare this with the value that the Import is attempting to assign to new gifts
      NOTE: These must match exactly (including spaces and special characters) for Raiser's Edge to identify the records appropriately 
  2. Verify the value of the Campaign/Fund/Appeal format drop-down menu in User options: 
    1. Select Tools, User options from the menu bar in Raiser's Edge 
    2. Select the Records tab
    3. Confirm that the Import file includes the format of the record that is set in User Options or that User Options is set to match the format in the import file
      For example, If Fund ID is specified, then Fund ID must be used to identify records in the import file (and it must match with the Fund ID on the Fund record).
      If Description is specified, then Fund Description must be used to identify records in the import file.