Destination and Institution ID are fields found in the Canadian version of The Raiser's Edge on a financial institution record. The Raiser's Edge requires an Institution ID and Destination ID when you enter bank information for constituents.

Bank Information

Institution ID is entered as an eight-digit number. The first three digits are the bank number. If your bank number is a single digit or double digits, add two or one zero(s), respectively, to the beginning of the number. For example, The Royal Bank of Canada's bank number is 3, so enter it as 003.

The last five digits of the Institution ID is the transit/bank number of the branch to which the EFT will be sent. You can locate the number from the bank branch or from a Canadian Bank's check. Consider the following check number:


Transit#/Bank#= 04356
Bank#= 003 (representing Royal Bank)

In this example, the Institution ID is 00304356 (three-digit Bank# + five-digit Transit#)

Destination ID is where the EFT will be processed. The bank determines this number, and it should be entered as a four-digit number in The Raiser's Edge. At times, you may need to remove a leading 0. For example, the Toronto Processing center is 01020, which should be entered in The Raiser's Edge as 1020. 

Note: Generally, a Destination ID is only needed on your Sponsoring bank where you are receiving the money. When setting up all of the Constituent EFT banks on individual Constituent records, generally no Destination ID is needed there, as money is coming in from those banks, not going out to those banks. We recommend, however, confirming this with your bank.

Chartered Banks

1 - Bank of Montreal
2 - The Bank of Nova Scotia
3 - The Royal Bank of Canada
4 - The Toronto-Dominion Bank
5 - Mercantile Bank of Canada
6 - National Bank of Canada
10 - CIBC - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
16 - Hong Kong Bank of Canada
26 - Lloyds Bank of Canada
39 - Laurentian Bank of Canada

Bank Names

219 - Treasury Branches of Alberta
239 - Province of Ontario Savings
260 - Citibank
507 - Community Trust Company
509 - Canada Trust Company
516 - Central Trust Company
519 - Guaranty Trust Co. of Canada
544 - Montreal Trust Company
550 - Montreal Trust Company of Canada
558 - Northwest Trust Company
570 - CIE Trust Royal (The Royal Trust Company)
572 - Sterling Trusts Corporation
580 - The Royal Trust Corp. of Canada
590 - Victoria & Grey Trust Company
652 - Provincial Trust Company
806 - DUCA Community Credit Union Limited
809 - B.C. Central Credit Union
812 - North York Community Credit Union Limited
815 - Caisses d'Economie du Quebec
819 - Centrale Caisses Populairie du Manitoba
828 - Ontario Credit Union League
829 - Caisses Populairies de L'Ontario
834 - Ascu Community Credit Union
835 - Caisses d'Economie du Quebec
836 - Caisses Populairies de Kapuskasing Ltee.
837 - HEPCOE Credit Union Limited
838 - N.S. Central Credit Union
842 - Civil Service Co-op Credit Society
845 - Quebec Credit Union League
846 - Queen's Park Civil Service Credit Union
849 - Brunswick Credit Union Federation
865 - Federation Caisse Populairies Acadiennes
872 - Rochdale Credit Union Ltd.
879 - Manitoba Co-op Credit Society
889 - Saskatchewan Co-op Credit Society
899 - Alberta Co-op Credit Societ