In Configuration, you can define characteristics for specific fields on the Fields page. For example, you can change a field's status from optional to required, ensuring the field must contain an entry before the record is saved. Or, you can hide a field to prevent data entry to unused fields.

  1. Log in as Supervisor or as a user with supervisor rights.
  2. In Configuration, click Fields.
  3. In the box on the left, select a record type such as Constituent, Student, Vendor. Note that the record types available vary by product.
  4. In the grid for the record type, field names appear in the Field column.

  1. To change the display name of a field, you can enter a new name in the Display As column on the same row.
    Note: When you rename a field, the change affects all areas of the program. To ensure consistency and accuracy of reports, do not duplicate field names.
  2. To make a field required, mark the checkbox in the Required column.
  3. To hide a field, mark the checkbox in the Hidden column.
  4. To define a field as a table, mark the checkbox in the Lookup column.
  • Not all options are available for all fields. An option is unavailable if the box is yellow.
  • Spouse is the only field that can be changed even if the Display As column is yellow - at the bottom of the screen there is an option to Display the word 'Spouse' as: Type in your preferred word then open a record to see the changes. When you go back to Config > Fields > Individual Relationships you will see the Display As column updated.

When changing a field that was previously a text field to a lookup field, please keep in mind the following:

  • Current records are not changed, nor are errors received
  • The text that is currently in constituent records will not be added to the table automatically
  • You must hit F7 in the record to pull up the table for these fields
  • If a user attempts to manually type in the value for a field that has been changed to a lookup, it will prompt the user to add the value as a new table entry
  • Even when this field is changed to a lookup table, when querying on the field, the value is typed in, not chosen from a drop down table, so users can query on jobs that were added before being made into a lookup table, or values that are in the table