Note: The options below create transactions within the Fixed Assets module which will show on reports unless careful filtering is set.  These transactions will not be reflected in General Ledger, thus creating an out of balance.

  1. Dispose of the Asset.
  2. Enter a new asset with the remaining balance to be depreciated.

Change the acquisition value of the asset to take into account the price of disposal. 


  1. Delete the activity of the current asset record.
  2. Add separate assets for each item that previously recorded under the first asset record.


  1. In Records, Assets, open the asset record.
  2. On the Activity tab, add a new Period Depreciation.
  3. Enter the required fields for the Period Depreciation Transactions.
  4. For the amount, enter the amount the book value needs to be decreased by.

    NOTE:  With this option, future period depreciations could be affected.  To see the effects, select the Projected Depreciation tab of the Asset and click Calculate.