Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

    • In Administration, click Globally Change Records.
    • Highlight Individual/Contact/Employee Relationship and click New Change.
    • On the Global Change screen, click Include, Selected Individual/Contact Employee Relationships.
    • Search for and select the query created in step 1.
    • Under Available Fields, select Individual/Contact Employee Relationships, Primary Addressee ID and/or Individual/Contact Employee Relationship, Primary Salutation ID.
    • Select the appropriate operation:
      • Add: Select Add to add a value to blank fields. To also replace the current value with the new one, mark the Overwrite existing value checkbox.
      • Replace: Select the current value and the one to replace it with in the fields provided.
      • Delete: Select the value to remove.

      • Click OK.
      • On the Global Change screen, select Create control report.
      • Click Change Now to begin the global change.


      Note: To globally change relationship additional addressee/salutations, select the Add/Sal ID and/or Add/Sal Type fields from the Individual/Contact Employee Relationship Addr/Sal category of available fields in step 4. The available operations are Add and Replace.