1. From the Raiser's Edge bar, select NetSolutions. The RE:NetSolutions page appears.
2. Click RE:NetDonors. The RE:NetSolutions - NetDonors screen appears.
3. Click New Page. The RE:NetSolutions - Donation Page Wizard screen appears.
If you completed the fields in Configure and Customize, the Title, Mission, Email, and Home URL fields default to the information you entered.
4. Enter a Page name. This is used for the link, taking your website visitors to your donation page.
5. Enter a Description to appear with the link.
6. If you want to include an image on your RE:NetDonors donation page, in the Image/Caption fields, click the ellipsis to access the Open screen.
7. Locate the image you want to include, and click Open. You return to the RE:NetSolutions - Donation Page Wizard screen.
8. In the second Image/Caption field, enter the caption you want to appear under the image.
9. If in Configure and Customize, you entered logo information and you want your organization's logo to appear on your donation page, mark the Show logo on page checkbox.
10. Click Next and move to a screen allowing you to enter designations, or click Cancel to return to the RE:NetSolutions page. For instructions on completing the Designations screen, see Designations.