To mark the constituent as deceased:

  1. Open the Constituent record.
  2. On the Bio 1 tab, mark the Deceased checkbox.
  3. Save and Close the record.
To apply the Deceased Business Rules:
  1. In Configuration, click Business Rules
  2. Highlight Deceased options under Constituent options
  3. The following options are available. They determine what The Raiser's Edge will do when the Deceased checkbox is marked on the Bio 1 tab of a constituent record.
    • Enter the current date as the deceased date - This options fills in today's date in the Deceased field as soon as the deceased checkbox is marked.
    • Uncheck the "Send Mail?" for all the deceased's addresses - This marks all addresses for the deceased constituent so that they do not receive mail. The spouse is now mailed to regardless of who is marked as Head of Household.
    • Make the deceased constituent an honor/memorial - If the Tribute module is present, constituents can automatically become honor/memorials when marked as deceased.  This also allow for a default tribute type to be used, and for the tribute to be marked to receive gifts.
    • Enter the current date as the "Date to" on all constituency codes - This option will fill in the current date on all constituency codes so that these codes are no longer valid for this constituent.
    • Make the spouse a constituent - If the constituent has a spouse who is not already a constituent The Raiser's Edge can create that new record automatically.
    • Soft credit the spouse for all gifts given - This will create soft credit entries on all the deceased constituent gifts so that the spouse will now show up in reports as being a soft credit donor.
    • No longer soft credit deceased for gifts given by spouse - Keeps the deceased record from being included in any further soft credit gifts.
    • Change the marital status of the records - This allows for male and female spouses to have the marital status changed from married to widowed.
    • Make the spouse an acknowledgee on the tribute for the deceased - If the option is marked to automatically make the deceased an honor memorial and a tribute is created this option will place the spouse as an acknowledgee automatically.
    • Prompt to update the spouse addressee/salutation - This prompts the users that  spouse is now a widow so that addressee/salutations can be modified accordingly for correct mailings. The addressee must be updated manually or added globally to a group of records.
Note: These options take effect for those constituents marked as deceased after the Business Rule was marked. It does not change anything on constituents already marked as deceased.

To apply the deceased options to records that were already marked as deceased before the business rule was updated:

For one constituent:

  1. Unmark the deceased option on the constituent record
  2. Save the record
  3. Mark the deceased option on the constituent record
  4. Save the record
For a group of constituents:
  1. Globally unmark the constituents as deceased.
  2. Globally mark the constituents as deceased.