1. Add the payment as a gift. The gift amount is the total amount to apply to all pledges.
  2. Apply the gift to the pledges by selecting Gift, Apply to, Pledge from the menu bar.
Note: If applying the gift to pledges made by different constituents, in the Apply Gifts to Pledge(s) screen, click the Load Pledges From... button to select the first pledge.  Click the Load Pledges From... button to select the second pledge and repeat for each pledge the payment is to be applied to.
  1. When finished, at the Apply Gifts to Pledges screen, mark the checkbox in the Pay? column for each pledge to make a payment against and enter the appropriate amount in the Amount Applied column.  
Note: The amount in the Payment amount field must equal the total of the Amount Applied column.
  1. Click OK
Note: If you receive the error: The specified amount to apply is greater than the pledge, verify that the amount applied is not greater than the pledge balance for each pledge. You will not be prompted to create a cash gift for the remainder of the original gift when applying payments to MG Pledges. The MG Pledge amount will need to be adjusted to reflect the payment amount. 
  1. If applicable, select the Split Gift tab and enter funds and the amounts paid towards each
  2. Click Save
  3. Close the gift