Let's say Robert Hernandez pledged $1,000 and paid three installments of $300 each, leaving a $100 balance.  Mr. Hernandez decides not to pay the remaining balance. To write off his $100 pledge balance:  

  1. Highlight the original pledge on the constituent record's Gifts tab and click Open.
  2. Select Gift, Write Off from the menu bar. Click New Write-Off. The New Write-Off screen appears. 
  3. Enter the write off amount in the Amount box and click Auto Distribute.
  4. Enter a Reference if applicable.
  5. Click Save and Close to save the Write-Off.
  6. Click OK 
  7. Click Save and Close to save and close the gift record.

Additional Notes:
  • If you are writing off a matching gift pledge, open the pledge from the matching gift company's record, not the individual's. For example, Robert Hernandez made a $500 gift and AAA Concrete matches his gifts. Robert has a gift of $500 and AAA has a matching gift pledge of $500. (The matching gift pledge also displays on Robert's record, but it cannot be edited from Robert's record.) To write off AAA Concrete's matching gift pledge, open AAA Concrete's constituent record, select the Gifts tab, and open the matching gift pledge. Then, write it off based on the steps above.
  • A write-off reduces the entire pledge balance. If the pledge is a split gift (has more than one designation), the write-off cannot be applied to a specific split. If a specific split needs to be reduced, then adjust the pledge by reducing the overall pledge amount and editing the specific split.