1. Click Database from the menu bar and select Verify Database

  2. The Map Fields box will appear

  3. Follow instructions below (excerpt from Crystal Reports Help):

    This dialog box appears when you choose any of the following Database menu commands, if the report database has changed since you last ran the report:

    - Verify Database command

    - Verify on Every Print command

    - Set Location command

    - Convert Database Driver command

Use the Map Fields dialog box to link report fields to their corresponding database fields when you have made changes to the structure of the database, or when you have created a report based on one database from a template of another report based on some other database that has the same table and field structure. In this way, the dialog box helps you to make sure your reports print with the current version of the active database.

When you first create a report, the report draws its fields from the database as it exists at the time. If you change the structure of the database after you create the report, the program needs to adapt the report to the new structure. The Map Fields dialog box helps you do this.