The FTP transfer can be interrupted by network and computer settings as well as high traffic on your internal network or the Internet.

Blackbaud's FTP server is not set to timeout on file transfer.

Verify you have the required browser and network settings to allow the transfer of files between your computer and Blackbaud's FTP server. All customers have full rights to their FTP folder. All FTP connections, routers, ports, firewalls must be set to passive.

Required Settings for Secure FTP Transfer Options

Other troubleshooting steps

  • If you need to send files less than 10M for a Support case, use the attachment option when viewing your case on Case Central.
  • If you have problems transferring a file, try a different FTP transfer method.
  • Run the transfer at a different time of day as internet or network traffic can affect the file transfer process.
  • Try to upload the file from a different workstation.
  • Try to upload the file from outside of your network environment as network settings could interfere with the file transfer.
  • Prevent the workstation from going into sleep or hibernate mode while the transfer is in progress.
  • If using FileZilla, the Quickconnect option cannot be used.

If you are unable to change your browser or network settings, burn your file to CD, DVD or other supported backup media and send it to the attention of the Blackbaud employee assisting you, including the employee's department.