Set up the template batch:
  1. Create a new gift or constituent batch. The Gift Batch Setup screen appears.
  2. On the Batch Header tab, assign a name such as "Pledge Template" in the Batch Number field or note the number assigned automatically.  
  3. Mark the Other users may access this batch checkbox. 
  4. On the Fields tab, include the fields that should be included when entering new gifts. 
  5. Select the Defaults tab to enter default values or hide particular fields.
  6. Save the batch without entering any gifts in the Data Entry grid.

To base subsequent batches on the template:

  1. Create a new gift or constituent batch.
  2. Click Load from Existing Batch on the Fields tab of the Gift Batch Setup screen.

    Fields tab with Load from Existing Batch button circled

  3. Open the template batch and the new batch automatically includes the same data entry fields and setup. 

You can create different templates for use with different gift types. For example, you can have separate templates for pledges, cash gifts, and honor/memorial gifts. When everyone in your organization uses the same templates, the consistency of gift entry increases and the likelihood of data entry mistakes is reduced.