1. In Mail, highlight Receipts and click New 
  2. On the General tab:
    • In the Receipt type field, select whether to print Preprinted receipts or Create custom data file. If you print the standard form, Preprinted receipts, you can order preprinted receipts customized with your organization's logo and colors from Blackbaud or elsewhere and print them right at your printer. If you select Create custom data file, you will create a template for the receipts using the Word Merge Wizard. For detailed steps on how to use the Word Merge Wizard, please refer to the following solutions: 
    • Click Include to select a query or a specific constituent record to print receipts for 
      For Canadian databases only: Select a receipt stack to print the receipts from. This will determine the start number for receipt printing.
    • In the Include Gifts with these Dates frame, enter a date or date range for the gifts for which you want to print receipts
    • In the Include Gifts with these Amounts frame, enter a minimum and maximum gift amount for which you want to print receipts
    • Mark checkboxes in the Include these Constituents frame according to the constituent records to print receipts for
    • In the Start receipt no. field, enter the receipt number with which to begin printing receipts
      For Canadian databases only: the receipt number can only be increased. To use a smaller number, a new/different receipt stack is needed
    • Mark the Create output query checkbox to create a static constituent or gift query of the records that receive receipts
  3. On the Fields to Include tab:
    • Select the fields you want to include on the receipts by highlighting them in the Available Fields box and clicking the single right arrow to move them to the Fields to Export box. 
    • Click Options to select options for certain fields 
  4. On the Filters tab:
    • Select any filters you want to use to select the gifts for which you want to print receipts. For example, you may only want to print receipts for all gifts with a constituency code of Board Member. Select Include Selected and choose the constituency code of Board Member in the Constituency Code row.
  5. On the Attributes tab:
    • Mark the Include or Exclude Records With these Attributes checkbox and in that frame enter any attributes to filter constituents or gifts for which a receipt prints 
    • In the Add, Update, or Delete these Attributes frame at the bottom of the screen, mark the checkbox and enter any attributes you want to add, update, or delete on the constituent record included in this mailing 
  6. On the Ind. Address and Org. Address tabs: Select the appropriate address processing options
  7. On the Gift Types tab:
    • Select the gift types for which you want to print receipts. All gift types default over to the Include these Gift Types box. For the gift types you do not want to include in the mailing, highlight the gift type in the Include these Gift Types box and click the single left arrow to move it back to the Gift Types box.
    • You can mark the Exclude zero amount gifts checkbox if you do not want gifts with a gift amount of zero to receive a receipt 
  8. On the Format tab:
    • Select Miscellaneous from the list on the left to enter formatting preferences for monetary information printed on the receipts 
    • Select Output options from the list on the left to enter formatting preferences for the information printing on the receipts 
    • Select Sort from the list on the left to select a specific order to print the receipts 
To print Preprinted receipts:
  1. Click Preview on the bottom right of the screen. The preview screen appears. We recommend you preview your mailing before printing to help minimize printing errors.
  2. When you are finished previewing the mailing, click Print (printer icon) or Export (envelope icon). A message appears telling you the mailing is being prepared.
  3. Close the preview. A message appears asking if you would like to mark the gifts as receipted. Click Yes to update the Receipt field on the Gift tab of a gift record to Receipted for each gift in this mailing. This will also assign each gift a receipt number that matches what is on the receipt. Click No if you do not wish to update the receipt information at this time.
To print Custom data file receipts:
  1. A common message when clicking Preview or Merge is No records meet specified criteria. This message indicates that the records we have included do not match our parameters, or that all of the gifts are already marked as receipted. If you receive this error or are missing receipts in the mailing, please refer to the troubleshooting steps in this Knowledgebase solution to resolve the issue: Error: No records meet specified criteria when printing receipts.

If you are interested in emailing these receipts, refer to How to send eReceipts.

How to Print Receipts in Mail (US):


  1. Click Merge on the bottom right of the screen. The Confirm File Location box appears with the location and name to save the document. To change the file path or name, click the Binoculars and update. Click OK.
  2. A message appears asking if you would like to mark the gifts as receipted. We recommend clicking No initially. This prevents the gifts from being updated with Receipted and being assigned a receipt number until you are able to view the final document.
  3. Click No, and the merged document appears. Verify the receipts print how you want them to. Close the document.
  4. To mark the gifts as Receipted and update the receipt, go back into the receipt parameter file and click Merge again. When the message appears to mark gifts as receipted, click Yes. This will update all gift records in the run.