Note: This functionality does not exist in version 8.5 and higher

To compile a Crystal Report:
  1. Compile the report from the workstation where the report was created
  2. With the report open, select Report, Compile Report from the menu bar
  3. In the Compile Report dialog box, enter the name of the report to compile and a location in which to compile the report
  4. Click the Yes radio button to create a program item for the report

    Creating a program item means that this item is displayed in a program window after the report is compiled.

  5. Click the Yes button to distribute the report after it is compiled
  6. Click OK

    The report in the .EXE format can now be run on workstations which do not have Crystal Reports installed

How to use the Report Distribution Expert:

  1. If Yes was selected in step 5 above, the Report Distribution Expert appears
  2. Make sure that the report and the report database file are saved in the same folder, and that the report has been set for that database
  3. Use the Browse button to determine the destination of the report to distribute
  4. Select the folder in which your report and database file are located

This functionality is not supported by Blackbaud. For more information on this functionality, please visit Business Object's website at: