Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved: 

  1. If the missing gifts were entered in a gift batch, follow these steps (if not, skip to step 2):
    1. Verify the constituent on the gift in the batch is the constituent record being viewed. 
    2. Verify the batch has been committed.

      Note: If the Validate batch before committing checkbox was marked, click the Commit button a second time after the validation completes. With this checkbox marked, clicking Commit the first time only validates the batch. To commit the batch, you must click the Commit button again.
    3. Search for the gift in Records:
      1. In Records, click Gifts. 
      2. Click Open a Gift. 
      3. On the Open screen, search for the gift.
    4. Recommit the batch, if necessary, or add the gift manually: 
      1. Run a Gift query filtering on the batch number
      2. If there are no results, open the batch and mark the batch as recurring
      3. Recommit the batch.
    5. If there are any exceptions, add the missing fields to the exception batch, and then commit the batch again. 
    6. Re-create the batch. (Do not load fields from an existing batch.)
  2. On the Gifts tab, scroll to the bottom to see if the new gifts are listed. 
  3. On the Gifts tab, remove any Filter from the Filters field (Should say <No Filter>) on the action bar.
  4. On the Gifts tab, make sure the Show field is set to show (All Gifts) on the action bar, if it doesn't click the drop down box and select 'All Gifts'.
  5. On the Gifts tab, click the headers (e.g. Gift Date) in the grid to sort the gifts. The gift may be listed, but if the grid is not sorted, the gift may not be easy to find. 
  6. Right-click in the white space in the gifts grid and select Legend. Ensure all gifts are set to a color other than white. 
  7. Ensure the user has rights to view the gifts on the constituent's record:
    1. In Administration, click Security. 
    2. Open the security group to which the user belongs. 
    3. Unmark Security by Fund or click Options and unmark all appropriate funds. 
    4. Highlight Records and click Options.
    5. Highlight Gifts and verify the View checkbox is marked. 
    6. Save and close the group.
  8. If the gift was deleted, recreate the gift
  9. If the gift is a soft credit:
    1. Open the constituent who received the soft credit. 
    2. On the Gifts tab, set Show to All Gifts. 
    3. Add the suffix of Soft or -SC to the gift legend for soft credits. 
    4. If the gift still does not appear:
  10. If it is a matching gift, open the individual's record who made the original gift. Ensure this gift still exists on the record and has not been deleted. If it was deleted, re-add it with the matching gift information. The matching gift pledge now appears on the matching gift company's record.  
  11. In Records, search for duplicates to determine if the constituent with the missing gift has a duplicate record. If so, merge the constituents
  12. If the constituent records were merged, the gifts on one constituent record may have been moved to the other record. In order to move gifts back to the original constituent record, refer to BB25092. Or if the constituent selected in the Merge To field was open during the merge, close the record and reopen it to refresh it. 
  13. If the gift was committed from a Workplace Giving Pledge Envelope, update the server and workstations to the latest version.