Tracking Tribute records in The Raiser's Edge 7 without RE:Tribute module requires the use of several attributes. If you expect regular Tribute activity on your gifts, then we suggest adding the optional RE:Tribute module. This not only gives you the necessary fields and functionality to track this information in The Raiser's Edge, such as reports, Mail functions, query fields, and export fields that are specific for tributes. But it also provides Tribute functionality on donation forms in Blackbaud NetCommunity and Online Express.

If you don't expect too many Tributes, then you can use gift attributes to track tribute gifts. Gift attributes can capture the basics effectively, such as Tribute type and the honoree/memorial name. But it does have limitations as it must captured on a per gift basis. Other information, such as tribute acknowledgees (family members of the tribute record who should receive a notification letter than gifts were given on behalf of their tribute) and reporting (are there any consistent Tributes that donors are giving to), can be challenging via the attributes.

When creating the attributes, determine the least number that you'll need to determine that a gift is a Tribute gift. It is up to your organization to determine what information to track and how to track it with gift attributes. Some examples of gift attributes to start with are:
Category (Attribute Name)Data TypeNotes
Tribute Gift?Yes/NoA flag type field to put on all gifts.
Tribute TypeTableUse this to identify in honor of, in memory of, etc.
Tribute NameText or Constituent NameThe name of the honoree. (Tip: Use the Text data type if you expect to use this attribute for NetCommunity or Online Express.)

In order to report on this information, query on the appropriate gift attribute(s) and use Export to export the appropriate information.