The Tribute optional module, RE:Tribute, gives you the necessary fields and functionality to track this information, as well as reports specific for tributes. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the Tribute module if you track a lot of tribute information and use tributes on a regular basis.

If it is tracked very seldom, you can use gift attributes to track tribute gifts, although it does have limitations. Without the Tribute module, it may be rather tedious and impossible to properly track all information on tribute records, such as tribute acknowledgees (family members of the tribute record who should receive a notification letter than gifts were given on behalf of their tribute). It will also require using multiple attributes.

Some examples of attributes you could use include "Tribute?" with a Yes/No data type, "Tribute Name" with a Constituent Name data type, and "Acknowledgee" with a Constituent Name data type. It is up to your organization to determine what information to track and how to track it with gift attributes.

In order to report on this information, query on the appropriate gift attribute(s) and use Export to export the appropriate information.