An action track is a series of actions that you assign to a constituent, event, or appeal record. When you create the track, you define the conditions that must be met for each new action to be created. The completion of the first action causes the second action to be created automatically, and so on through the end of the track. You can assign action tracks to a record or query of records. 
  1. Select Tools, Action Tracks, Define Action Tracks from the menu bar on The Raiser's Edge shell (not from a constituent or action record)
  2. Select the type of action track you want to create (Constituents, Events, or Appeals) and click New.
  3. Enter name for Action Track.
  4. Click New to add actions.
  5. As you add actions to a track, set conditions on the Conditions tab. Beginning with the second action in the track, designate an Action query -- the criteria of which must be satisfied for the program to create the second action.

    For example, you can have an action track for steps to take after a phone call has been completed. You want an email brochure sent out after each completed phone call. You can set up the action track so that once the phone call is marked as completed on the constituent’s record the new action of email brochure will automatically be added to their record. Then, for any constituent assigned to this action track when the action ‘phone call’ is marked as completed the new action of ‘email’ will automatically be added to their actions tab. To do this, you would add the action of phone call to the action track. Then, you would click on phone call and click on New. Here you would set up the information about the email. On the Conditions tab next to action query you would make an action query with the following filter criteria: Action Information, Completed equals Yes. This would ensure that once the phone call is completed the email action will be added. 

    It is not necessary to specify what action is completed because the program knows the query is based upon the previous action in the track.

    Define Constituent Action Track

  6. You may add and further customize as many dependent actions as needed. Each action will have its own record settings and options (i.e. Auto-Reminders, Solicitors, etc).
  7. Once the action track has been completed, click OK to close the Action Track.

To assign an action track to one constituent or a query of constituents, select Tools, Action Tracks, Assign Constituent Action Tracks from the menu bar.

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