Note: Support for Accounting for Nonprofits 6 ended December 31, 2007. Support for Student Billing 6 and Payroll 6 with The Financial Edge ended September 30, 2008. The Financial Edge, version 7 of our accounting software, is a benefit of your Blackbaud maintenance plan. We offer several customizable options to help you convert to The Financial Edge. Please contact your account manager.

1. In Accounts Payable, open Vendors.

2. Open the vendor record.

3. Select the Vendor tab.

4. Mark the One check per invoice checkbox.  This is a default for all invoices added to this vendor.

To have only one invoice be paid on a separate check, follow these steps:

1. In  Accounts Payable, Vendors, open vendor record.

2. On the Vendor tab, unmark the One check per invoice checkbox.

3. Add the invoice to be paid separately.

4. On Invoice tab of this invoice, mark the Separate check for this invoice checkbox.

NOTE:  The Vendor record is the dominant factor in determining if the invoices are paid by one check or separate checks.