Balance on Activity tab does not match the amount due on the statement

Statement balances may not match the balance on the activity tab of a record for several different reasons: 
  • Charges or Payments/Credits exist after the transaction cutoff date of the statement
  • Filters on statements exclude billing items for particular charges
  • Business Rules are set to allow transactions to be hidden on Statements
  • Filters/view on Activity tab of the record is excluding transactions
  • A payer is responsible for multiple students
  • The statement is showing the balance for incorrect records
  • Charges that are assigned incorrectly are included/excluded from the statement  

If transactions exist after the Transaction cut-off date:

1. In Mail, open the Statement parameters.
2. On the General tab, specify a transaction cut-off date for on or after the transaction date of the missing charge, refund, or payment.
3. Modify the filters on the statement parameters to include all billing items.

If the transaction is Not Yet Posted, it is also possible to change the transaction date to a date before the transaction cut-off date.

Note: If a payment is dated in the future and the transaction cut-off date is today, it does not meet the statement criteria and will not show on the statement.


If Transactions are hidden on statements:

Show transactions on statements.


If the Activity tab on the record has incorrect activity:

Clear all the filters on the Activity tab of the record to view all activity:

  1. Open the affected record and select the Activity tab.
  2. For the View: option select Activity and Owned or Assigned to.
  3. Unmark all of the Summarize and Show checkbox options at the bottom of the Activity tab.
  4. Click the Filters button.
  5. In the Activity Filters screen, click Clear All Filters and click OK.


If the activity of multiple students is reflected in the statement, the payer's statement will show the total of both student activity tabs.


If the balance on the statement is incorrect and different than the balance on the Activity tab of Individual record:

The Individual is the payer for multiple students, but is not 100% responsible for all charges on the students' records. 
The statement is being filtered by Statement Recipient, filtering on the Individual. 
The Individual is listed on the Statements tab of the students, as a statement recipient.  The organization printing the statement only wants to see the balance of what the individual is responsible for paying for the group of students on the statement.

On the Statements tab of at least one of the students, the Individual is listed with 'All transactions' s elected for Activity to show.  The student has charges and/or payments that are not assigned to the Individual. These transactions will print on the statement and be included in the overall balance due to the Statements tab setting; however, they will not appear on Individual's Activity tab or be reflected in the balance on the Individual's Activity tab. 

To correct this issue:
On the Statements tab of any student with transactions assigned to the Individual, Only the recipient's transactions should be selected for Activity to Show:

1. Select Records, Students, and open the student that has activity assigned to the individual
2. Select the Statements tab
3. Next to the Individual's name, select Only the recipient's transactions under the column for Activity to Show
4. Save and close the student record
5. Repeat the above steps for each student for which the Individual is responsible for paying charges.
6. Preview the statement again.

Another possible option for charges is to open the transaction from the Activity tab of the student record and assign responsibility for the transaction to the Statement Recipient on the Student Billing Detail tab. 


If when reviewing the Activity tab of the student record, there are payments with $0.00 remaining but they have a status of Unapplied instead of Fully Applied, the problem payments may be affecting the statement balance.

To correct this issue:
Download and run the Correct SB7 Applied Balances plug-in



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