A. To locate the checks in use:

 1. Note the range of check numbers that will be used in the check run
 2. From the Banks page > Open Edit Account Details
 3. Click the Payments tab:
 4. Ensure every row has a Next Number where "Allow?" is checked
    a. If not, unmark the box for allow or add a Next Number
 5. On the row for Accounts Payable Computer check, note the Next Number
     a. If this is incorrect, change the number > Save and Close > proceed to print checks
     b. If this is correct, proceed to step 6
 6. Make note of each Accounts Payable Transaction Type (or Payroll if in Payroll) with numbering of "Same range as" Accounts Payable computer checks  
 7. Save and Close 

Edit Account Details Screen shot

B. Filter the Bank Register based on the above information

 1. Open the Bank Register
 2. Click the Filters button at the top
 3. Click "Reset Filters to Show All Transactions
 4. Highlight Transaction Type
 5. Click Deselect all 
 6. Mark the types that overlap with Accounts Payable Computer checks
 7. Enter the start and ending numbers for this check run in each applicable Transaction Type
 8. Click Ok
 9. Confirm whether:
      A. Any check numbers to be used appear 

      B. Any "Voided Unused Payments" appear using one of the desired numbers.

Bank Filter

C. Based on the information above, if one or more of the check numbers in the range to be used are already in the bank register, either:

1. Select enough invoices to create a partial check run, up to, but not including the used check number(s). Once printed, change the starting check number to the next available number to continue the check run. Repeat as many times as needed based on invoices to print and already existing checks in the bank register.


2. Change the starting check number first to use a different check number range, going around the checks currently in use.


3. If the checks are listed in the register with a status of voided and the check numbers need to be reused.  Purge the checks and change the starting check number to recreate the checks using the same check numbers.

D. If no checks appear to be in use in the bank register within the check range to be used:
 1. In the Create Payments window, click the Format tab
 2. For the applicable Transaction Type, click the Restore Default button if it's not showing the correct number
 3. Select the One-Time Checks tab
 4. Temporarily unmark to print any one time checks until all computer checks are printed
 5. Attempt to print checks again
 6. Print any One-Time checks as needed

E: If processing Payroll checks: If the check number used is a historic entry, open the historic entry on the employee record in Payroll and change the check number.

1. In Payroll, Query, create a new Historic entry query > Dynamic
2. On the Criteria tab, expand Historic entry and select Payment ID
3. Input equals and the number (or if unsure what number, use the between operator) and enter a start and end number that you're trying to use
4. On the output tab, include the employee name and period ending date as well.
5. Click the results tab 
6. In Records > Employees, check any historic entries on the employees that came up