To list the constituent IDs

  1. Create a constituent query for all constituents with a constituent ID. On the Sort tab, select Constituent Information, ID.
  2. Create a constituent export and export the constituent ID in Excel or CSV format.
  3. Open the export file in Excel. The constituent ID numbers are sorted in order. Any number not listed in this file is not used.

To reuse constituent IDs

  1. Click Config, Business Rules
  2. In the left frame, highlight Generate IDs
  3. In the right frame, click Change Number
  4. Change the constituent ID to 1 or to a number before the first unused constituent ID
  5. When The Raiser's Edge assigns constituent IDs, it will use the first unused constituent ID it comes across


  • Manually enter an unused constituent ID in the ID field on the Bio 1 tab when entering a new constituent record.