When mailing to the Contact for an Organization:
    1. Open the Organization's Constituent record.
    2. Select the Relationships tab.
    3. Double-click to open the Relationship with the Contact that is being mailed to.
    4. On the General tab, mark the Print Organization name with address checkbox.
    5. Complete the Mail merge. The Organization name will be included in the Address Block for the Contact.
    When mailing to an Individual:
    1. Open the Donor Acknowledgement Letter.
    2. Select the Fields to Include tab.
    3. From Available fields, select Relationships>Organization Name.
    4. In the word merge template, add the Organization Name field above the Address Block.
    5. Complete the Mail merge. 
    Note: If mailing to both Individuals and Contacts for Organizations, then a Conditional Word Merge must be used.