Note: Not all reports offer a Columns tab or an Optional Column section on the Format tab.
In version 7.70, we added a Columns tab to some reports that allows you to select which columns display. If a column is missing, ensure the column is selected on the Columns tab.

In versions 7.70 and higher:
  1. In Reports, open the appropriate report
  2. On the Columns tab, select the columns to display on the report

    Note: If the Both option is selected on the General tab (e.g. you are selecting to print both Summary and Detail), a Report View drop-down appears on the Columns tab, enabling you to select different columns to display for each report view. Ensure the appropriate columns are selected for each report view.

In version 7.61 and prior:
  1. In Reports, open the report parameters
  2. Select the Format tab
  3. Highlight Optional column
  4. Select the optional column to include in the report