If you have the optional RE:EFT module:
  1. Open a new Gift Batch or an existing Gift Batch that only contains new gifts to be processed
  2. If it is not present already, add EFT? as a data entry field
  3. On the data entry screen, select Tools, Automatically Generate Transactions/Payments
  4. Mark the option to include EFT transactions
  5. Mark all the appropriate gift types to include
  6. Populate the remaining fields and click Generate Now
For complete instructions on processing credit cards and direct debits, please review How to process (charge) credit cards and direct debits.

Note: Fees may apply. Contact your account manager for more information. 

If you do not have the optional EFT module:
Create a recurring batch instead to manually generate recurring transactions. The batch can include cash gifts that are then applied to the constituents' outstanding recurring gifts. Recurring Batches can be committed multiple times and are useful in situations where the same group of constituents make similar gifts at regular intervals.