When you send a mailing, it's important not only to send it to the correct constituents but also to use their correct addresses. Some settings help you exclude constituents, while others help you exclude only certain constituent addresses. Understanding the differences helps you manage your mailings more effectively.

To exclude constituents:

  • Is inactive: Mark this checkbox on the constituent's Bio 1 (or Org 1) tab if she is no longer actively involved with your organization.
  • Has no valid addresses: Mark the checkbox on the constituent's Bio 1 (or Org 1) tab if she has no address at which to receive mail.
  • Solicit Codes: Add solicit codes on the constituent's Bio 1 (or Org 1) tab to track unique solicitation preferences.
  • Deceased: When a constituent passes away, mark the Deceased? checkbox on her Bio 1 tab.
  • Constituent attributes: You can also use constituent attributes to indicate a constituent's mailing preferences.
    Constituent Options

To exclude addresses:

  • Send mail to this address: If this checkbox is unmarked on the address, address processing does not consider it for mailings. By default, the checkbox is marked for new addresses.
  • Valid Dates Date to: If the date in the address's Valid Dates Date to field falls before the date of your mailing, address processing does not consider the address.
  • Address attributes: An address is excluded from a mailing if it contains the address attribute category you specify but a different attribute description. For example, in Mail, if you specify Special Mailing Info as the attribute category and Newsletter as the attribute description, an address coded with Special Mailing Info and a different description (e.g., Receipts) is considered invalid.
Address Options

To learn more about address processing, review How does address processing work.