In Export, we have two options on how to include contact information, both depend on how we would like to Contacts to display in the results.
  • Scenario A: Each contact should appear on a separate row.
  • Scenario B: All of an organization's contacts should appear on the same row of the export file.
Scenario A:
To export each contact on a separate row:
  1. Go to Export
  2. Create New Constituent Export
  3. On the Output tab, select the appropriate address fields from the Address> Address Processing category.
  4. Select any fields from the Address> Address Processing> Contact category.
    • To use the contact addressee/salutation instead of the name, select from the Address> Address Processing> Contact> Addressee/Salutations category.
  5. When prompted for the address criteria, indicate what contacts to include by selecting the Org. Address tab:
    • In step 1, select Export contact's address (the default option)
    • In step 2, click Contact Types to Include and, on the screen that appears, include all contacts or only selected contact types. To export all matching contacts, and not just the first one found, mark the Export one record for each contact found checkbox.
    • See How does address processing work for additional information on how RE pulls these contacts

Scenario B:
To export multiple contacts on the same row of the export file:
  1. Go to Export
  2. Create New Constituent Export
  3. On the Output tab,select from the Relationship> Contacts category.
    • When prompted, select whether to include all or selected contact types and include the number of contacts you wish to see for each organization
Note: When exporting only name and address information, consider using Mail's Quick Letters function. It's easy to use and just may include all of the fields you need. If not, use Export instead.