Constituent Name and Gift type cannot be edited after the gift is saved. These fields will appear grayed out and cannot be edited. If this information needs to be changed, either adjust the gift or delete the gift the incorrect record and then re-enter the gift.

If only Campaign, Fund, Appeal, and/or Package are grayed out, more than one value is listed in any of these fields with semicolons in between the values, and other Gift record fields are editable, such as Amount, click on the Split Gift tab to edit them. (Note: If more than one Campaign, Fund, Appeal, and/or Package is selected, then all of these fields must be edited from the Split gift tab.)

Gift subtype, Gift date, Amount, Campaign, Fund, Appeal, Package, GL Post Status, and GL Post Date are grayed out and the GL Post Status is Posted, adjust the gift, or just for recurring gifts add an amendment.
On a Recurring Gift or Pledge, if there is a Pending Transaction icon in the lower right beside today's date Pending transaction flag, then this record has generated a transaction/installment to a gift batch. Go to Batch and locate the batch of the generated transaction/payment to either commit or delete it. Once that is done, the Pending Transaction flag will be removed and the corresponding Recurring Gift or Pledge will be editable. (Note: This scenario applies only if the optional RE:EFT module is present and EFT transactions/payments are automatically generated.)

If any of the above apply, but the user still cannot make these changes, give the user rights to edit gifts