1. Open the original pledge
  2. Select Gift, Adjust
  3. On the Installment Schedule tab, enter total amount of payments as the amount for the original single installment date. NOTE: You can find the total on the screen in the status bar at the bottom, you will see "Paid Installment: $[total paid]
  4. Press tab to go to the next line and enter the remaining installment dates and amounts manually
  5. Click Save and Close. The Payment and Write-off Distributions window appears.
  6. Click View Installments and choose to auto-distribute the payment amount to the first installment only (that has been already received). 
  7. Repeat for any remaining installments that have been paid, choosing to auto-distribute the payment amount for each installment one at a time.
  8. Save the pledge and click on the Schedule button to view and verify the installment schedule


Delete and reenter the pledge with the correct schedule. If you delete the pledge you will also have to reenter the payments and apply them to the pledge