• Ensure that the addressee/salutation selected in Mail is correct.
    • For example, if you select From Individual and select the Primary Addressee, open that constituent record. Look at the primary addressee and ensure it is correct. If it is not, correct it on the constituent's record. An additional example, if you select From Configuration, ensure that you select the correct format from Configuration.
    • If it is correct but you actually wanted a different addressee/salutation to print for the Mail function, in the Mail parameters, select the correct one. For example, in the Mail parameters, you selected to Use Spouse Addressee otherwise print Primary Addressee. However, you determined that you did not want the Spouse Addressee. You actually wanted the Couple Addressee. In the Mail parameters, change it to Use Couple Addressee otherwise use Primary Addressee.
  • If you are selecting the Primary Addressee and it does not print correctly but it is correct in the Primary Addressee drop-down menu on the constituent's record, ensure that you don't have an addressee/salutation type called Primary Addressee, which is used for additional addressee/salutations. This is easily confused with The Raiser's Edge Primary Addressee (the actual field called Primary Addressee on the Addressees/Salutations tab). In this case, rename the addressee/salutation type called Primary Addressee:
    1. Click Config, Tables.
    2. In the right frame, select Addr/Sal Types.
    3. In the left frame, double-click Primary Addressee.
    4. Close Configuration and log out of Raiser's Edge.
    5. Log back in to Raiser's Edge.
    6. In Mail, select the appropriate addressee/salutation and rerun the mailing function.