1. On the Format tab of the report, highlight Details.
  2. In the For Constituents with Multiple Field Values frame, select the appropriate option:
    • Select Include constituent for the primary field value to consider the primary constituent code only. This option includes the constituent only once in the report under his primary constituency code.
    • Include constituent for all field values to consider all codes on a record. This option places the constituent in the report results one time for each constituency code on his constituent record which meet the filters on the report.
  3. If all constituency codes should be considered, select the Fields tab and unmark Selected Field Values Only.

Note: For more information on how the Statistical Report processes constituent codes, refer to BB260660.


For example:

Robert Hernandez has the following constituency codes on his constituent record:

  • Alumnus
  • Board Member 
  • President
When running the report, on the Fields tab, you select Constituency Code for the Field to use and do not mark the Use Selected Field Values Only checkbox. Robert appears on the report one time if Include constituent for the primary field value is selected. He appears on the report three times (once for each constituency code) if Include constituent for all field values is selected.