• Ensure the correct addressee/salutation is selected on the constituent record
    • Ensure the fields included in the addressee/salutation are populated on the constituent's record. For example, if Nickname is part of the addressee/salutation, ensure Nickname is populated on the constituent record.
    • Ensure the correct addressee/salutation format is selected for the report, mailing, or export
    • Ensure the correct constituent is marked as Head of Household if Head of Household processing is selected to only include constituents marked 'Head of Household'

    For instructions, refer to the following solutions:

    Note: If the issue occurs when merging in Microsoft Word and the addressee/salutation is correct on the record and in the mailing or export, give the data file a slightly different name and use that as the data source. Sometimes, Word does not refresh and still sees the data in the old file.

    If the issue persists: 

    1. Open the export parameters and remove the addressee/salutation fields from Fields to Include tab
    2. Add the fields back
    3. Highlight Constituent Information.Addressee or Constituent Information.Salutation
    4. Click Options and highlight Individual and/or Contact
    5. Select another format, then re-select the correct format (example: select Use Individual Name, then From Individual)
    6. Select the appropriate settings 'Use this addressee/salutation when present on the Individual' and 'Otherwise Use' fields


    • If it only happens with one addressee/salutation template:
      1. Click Config, Addressee/Salutations
      2. Double-click the appropriate addressee/salutation
      3. Without changing anything click the X in the upper right corner
      4. Click Yes to save the record
    • Recreate the mail, export, or report parameters