Display (Continued) in the Group Header on the subsequent pages:
  1. Right-click on the Group Header and select Change Group
  2. On the Options tab, mark the "Repeat Group Header on Each Page" checkbox
  3. Click OK
  4. Create a formula to display the group name:

    if inRepeatedGroupHeader then GroupName({Group #1 Field}) + " (Continued)"
    else GroupName({Group #1 Field})
  • In Group Header #1, replace the Group #1 Name field with the new formula
Display (Continued on next page) in the Page Footer on the first page:
  1. Create a new formula:

    BooleanVar Continued := True
  • Place this formula in the Group Header section
  • Create a second formula:

    BooleanVar Continued := False
  • Place this formula in the Group Footer section
  • Create a third formula:

    BooleanVar Continued;
    if Continued then "Continued on next page"
  • Place this formula in the Page Footer section