To sort the report using Groups:
  1. Go to Insert > Group
  2. From the first drop down, select the field you want to sort the report by
  3. From the second drop down, choose the sort order (ascending, descending, specified, original order)
  4. Click OK
  5. For a secondary sort, simply insert another group (this will become Group #2, the report will sort by this field after the first/primary group)

To sort the report using Sort Records:
  1. Go to Report > Record Sort Expert
  2. Select the field you would like to sort on from the Available Fields list on the left
  3. Click the right arrow button to bring the field to the Sort Fields list on the right
  4. Select the Sort Direction: Ascending or Descending
  5. Click OK
Note: If the report contains groups, Crystal first sorts the report by the Group fields in the order you added the groups to the report. Then, the report sorts by the fields you add on the Record Sort Expert screen.