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To present names in Last Name, Nickname format in Crystal Reports, create a conditional formula. To ensure that no blank spaces appear on the report, see if your data source includes both the Last Name, Nickname, and First Name fields.

    • Select Insert, Formula Field from the menu bar. The Insert Fields screen appears.
    • On the Formula tab, click New. The Formula Name screen appears. Give your formula a descriptive name (LastNameNickname), and click OK.
    • The Formula Editor appears. Under Formula text, type
      if not isnull ({Student.Nickname}) then {Student.Last Name}+", "+{Student.Nickname} else {Student.Last Name}+", "+{Student.First Name}

    • Click Check. If no errors are found click Accept.
      On the Insert Fields screen, highlight your new formula and click Insert.
    • Place the formula on the report design screen where you want the name to appear.
    • Preview your report.

      From Education Administration INFO Week of October 2, 2000