Running totals are displayed record by record. They total all records in the report or group, up to and including the current record. 

For example, if your first three records have values 2, 3, and 5, the running total for each of the three records would be:
2      2 = 0 + 2
3      5 = 2 + 3
5      10 = 5 + 5 

The Running Total expert creates a Running Total field by asking you to select a field to summarize, a summary operation, a condition on which to base the evaluation, and a condition on which to reset the evaluation. This field is inserted into the report as a database field or it can be used in a formula. The most basic running total is a single running total maintained throughout a list.

  1. In Crystal Reports, create a new custom report using an exported database file. Place these fields in the Details section:
    CnAdrSal.CnAdrSal_Addressee (Exported from The Raiser's Edge 7)
    CnGf_1.CnGf_1_IDKEY (Internal linking field created by Crystal Reports)
    CnGf_1.CnGf_1_Amount (Exported from The Raiser's Edge 7)
  2. Open the Field Explorer and then right-click the mouse over "Running Total Fields" and select New. 
  3. On the Create Running Total Field screen, type Running Amount in the Running Total Name field.
  4. Highlight CnGf_1.CnGf_1_Amount in the Report Fields section of the Available Tables and Fields box and click the first arrow button to move the field into the Field to summarize text box.
  5. The Type of summary is sum.
  6. In the Evaluate frame mark the On change of field option.

    On change of field option 

  7. Highlight CnGf_1.CnGf_1_IDKEY in the Available Tables and Fields box and click the second arrow button. The running total will execute each time this field changes.
  8. In the Reset frame, mark the Never option. This allows the running total to continue throughout the report.
  9. Click OK to save the Running Total field.
  10. Click Insert on the Insert Fields screen to insert the formula in the report's Details section.