Use the Select Expert to select the records or groups you want to include in your report, and to filter out those you don't want to include. For example, you may have exported donor data that includes donors from every state and Canadian province, but you may want to do a report only on Texas donors. This command lets you restrict your report so that only Texas donors are included.

When you choose the Select Expert, if you have selected a field the Select Expert appears. If you have not selected field, you have to choose a field from the Choose Field dialog box before the Select Expert appears. Crystal Reports automatically generates a record or group selection formula based on settings you specify in the dialog box.

This command allows you to set up reasonably complex selection criteria, but to have more control over the formula that is generated.

Note: The Select Expert can be used to set up both record selection and group selection requests. When a group name or summary field is selected, the program knows that the selection criteria set up is intended for group selection. In all other cases, the program knows that you are setting up record selection.

To set up record selection using the Select Expert

  1. On the Report menu, click Select Expert. The Select Expert dialog box appears.

    Note: If you click the Select Expert button without first highlighting a field in your report, the Choose Field dialog box appears. Highlight the field on which you want to base record selection and click OK. The Select Expert appears.

  2. Use the drop-down lists to enter your selection criteria for the indicated field.

  3. Click OK when finished.

    Tip: To base record selection on more than one field, click the New tab. Select the next field from the Choose Field dialog box.

    A selection formula is generated based on your specifications, limiting the report to the records you indicated.

    Note: To view the selection formula, click the Show Formula button. The Select Expert expands to show the formula. Click the Formula Editor button to modify the formula.