Try each of the following steps in order until the error/issue is resolved:
  1. Ensure that each honor/memorial's constituent record has an acknowledgee
  2. Add the tribute to the gift. For instructions, refer to the Adding an Honor/Memorial Gift section in solution BB537.
  3. Open the appropriate tribute. Mark the Ackn? column to acknowledge the tribute. Select Not Acknowledged in the Acknowledge drop-down.
  4. Ensure that the query includes the acknowledgee rather than the constituent who gave the gift. Or if selecting to include one record, select the acknowledgee record.
  5. Ensure that the address on the acknowledgee's relationship record is marked to Send mail to this address
  6. Recreate the custom Honor/Memorial Acknowledgement Letters parameters set
If the issue occurs on only one workstation, run a manual update/repair on the workstation.

If the issue still occurs, refer to How to troubleshoot missing or incorrect records in a mailing (labels, envelopes, Quick Letters, etc.).