Note: The output is only limited when running the query through Mail, Reports, or Export. Running this query will still show all the records that meet the query criteria.
  1. Create a static query or open an existing static query
  2. Select Tools, Query Options from the menu bar
  3. Select the Record Processing tab
  4. Mark Apply output limits
  5. Select Random Sampling or Top Rows
  6. Click OK and save the query
  7. Use the query in Mail, Reports or Export to reflect the output limits.

Note:  The ability to apply output limits is only available for Static Queries.  If needed for a Dynamic Query, use one of the following approaches:

    A.  Temporarily change the Query Type to Static (from Tools, Query Options).  Follow the steps above.  When done with using with Output Limits, change the Query Type back to Dynamic.

    B.  Create a copy of the Dynamic Query, and change its type to Static.  To create a copy of a query, select File, Save As from the menu bar.  Give the query a new name, and change the Type to Static.   Follow the steps above using the newly created copy.