1. Create a new Pledge Status Report
  2. On the General tab, mark Create Gift output query. Make all other appropriate selections on this tab such as the date range. Leave all other tabs set to the Default.
  3. Click Preview
  4. Name the output query when prompted (in our example, Query A)
  5. When the report is finished running, close the Preview window.
  6. In the same report parameters, select the Gift Types tab and mark the Include outstanding pledges only checkbox.
  7. Click Preview
  8. Name the output query when prompted (in our example, Query B)
  9. In Query, merge the queries with Query A as the primary, Query B as the secondary, and SUB as the operator. The resulting query (in our example, Query C) pulls all pledges meeting the report parameters (date range, etc.) that have been paid off.
  10. Use Query C in the appropriate report
  1. Create a new Gift query.
  2. On the Criteria tab, add:
    • Gift Information>Pledge balance equals 0.
  3. Click Run Now to view results.
  4. Save and close the query.
  5. Include the query in a Pledge Status Report