To change the order when sorted alphabetically, add a prefix to the ID or Description so that they are sorted in the desired order.

To change the sort order of campaigns, funds or appeals on the drop-down in gift records, users have the option of limiting gift entry to associated campaigns, funds and appeals (new in Raiser's Edge 7). The rule for sorting campaigns/funds/appeals in a drop-down is as follows:

  • If the fund drop-down list is limited by the checkbox for associated funds on a Campaign or Appeal record, then the drop-down lists funds in the order they appear on the record limiting the selection.
  • If the list is not limited, then all funds appear in alphabetical order according to the ID or Description, as selected in User Options.
Example: Campaign A has Funds D, B, and C, in that order, listed on the Funds tab with "Limit gift entry to associated funds only" checkbox checked on. When entering a gift, if Campaign A is entered on the gift first, the Fund drop-down will show only Funds D, B, and C, in that order. If the "Limit gift entry..." checkbox is not checked on or if Campaign A has not been entered on the gift first, then all funds will display in the drop-down in alphabetical order. 

Note: When a Campaign, Fund, or Appeal search is run, the records can be sorted in the results grid by changing the sort order of the query used for the search.