Gift bar codes can be printed on mailings and then used to expedite the entry of the gifts you receive. Mail prints bar codes on mailings in a 12-point font called 3 of 9 Barcode. The code's numerical translation also prints directly below the code. Constituents can send their gifts along with the portion of the mailing containing the gift bar code. You can then scan the bar code into Batch, and the fields populate with the appropriate information. You can print gift bar codes from four standard or custom Mail functions: Phonathon Forms, Pledge Reminders (Per installment only), Membership Renewal Notices, and Appeal Cards.

The Donor Gift Barcode and Member Gift Barcode include the following information:
    • The first character is either 'D' for donor or 'M' for member
    • Characters 2 through 8 are the System Record ID
    • Characters 9 through 15 are Member ID
    • The last character is the check digit


    To use bar codes, follow these steps:

    In Mail:

      • Create a new mailing using one of the mailing functions listed above
      • On the Fields to Include tab, select the appropriate bar code field. (In version 6, mark the Print Barcode checkbox on the Format tab. The wording of this checkbox varies slightly.) The barcode includes the constituent's name and fund.

        Note: Appeal Cards and Phonathon forms allow you to include the appeal and package in the barcode (package is available in version 7 only). To do this, select the Format tab and highlight Output Options in the left frame. Select the appeal and/or package. (In version 6, select the Format tab and the appropriate appeal from the drop-down.) Reminders inserts the amount. In version 7, Reminders also inserts the campaign if the original pledge has a campaign. Renewal Notices includes the receipt amount.



      • Select all other parameters
      • Print or export as normal. If exporting to merge into Word, you will need to change the font to 3 of 9 bar code. For more information, refer to BB284978.

      In Batch:

        • After donors respond to the pledge reminder, appeal card, phonathon form, or membership renewal notice, create a batch form containing the Gift Bar Code field.
        • On the data entry screen, place the cursor in the Gift Bar Code field and scan the bar code on the form*. The name and fund (possibly other fields - refer to the note above) are inserted in the appropriate cells. A field is only inserted if the field is included in the batch. For example, if the appeal is selected on the Format tab but the field is not included in the Batch Data Entry screen, the appeal does not default. Once you enter the gift, you cannot use that bar code number again.


          *If you do not have a bar code scanner, simply print the bar code translation on the reminder and then type that number into the Gift Bar Code field. The ability to manually enter this number is also helpful if your organization has more than one person entering gifts, but only one scanner.