1. Create a new Statistical Report
  2. On the General tab, use the Include button to include a query, if necessary.
  3. In the Date field, select the date range to calculate the total amount of gifts given
  4. On Fields tab, click Field to the left and select the following:
    Field to use: Zip Code (or Postal Code for Canadian version)
    Number of Digits: [enter desired number]
  5. On the Fields tab, click Columns to the left and select the following:
    Total Given (and any other desired columns to show in the report)
  6. On the Filters tab, select any necessary filters
  7. On the Gift Types tab, select the necessary gift types to count in the Total Given column
  8. On the Address tab, select the necessary settings to determine the address that should be considered for the zip code
  9. On the Format tab, highlight Detail and select whether to include constituents based on the primary field value (constituents would only count for the zip code from their Preferred Address) or from all values (constituent would could for zip code of each of their addresses)
  10. Populate any remaining parameters as needed
  11. Click Preview