Designations are options donors can select to indicate where their donation should be used. It is linked to a fund record in The Raiser's Edge, but it can have a different name. Any designation information entered on the donation page displays in the Reference field on the Gift tab of the constituent record when you download the transaction.

To set up designations for the donation pages:

    • Click NetSolutions, RE:NetDonors

    • Click New Page to add a new donation page or click the name of an existing page to edit the designations on a current page

    • Once the Donation Page Wizard has opened, click the Next button until you reach the Designation page (you will probably need to click Next twice)

    • Enter the online designation and associate this selection with the appropriate fund
    • Repeat step 4 for each designation
    • In the 'If no designation is specified use this fund:' drop-down, select the fund to which to apply (default) the gift if the donor does not select a designation. (This designation only appears if the donor does not select one. It does not default into the Designation field on the donation page.)