To globally add an appeal response to a group of appeal records:

1. Create a Constituent Appeal export
2. Export the below fields:
       Constituent Information > Import ID
       Appeal > Import ID
            For each Constituent, enter the number of Appeals to export: 1 
            Include these Appeals (only select the appeal that you are updating the response for)
       Appeal > Response

3. Import the fields back in as a constituent appeal import, choosing to update existing records.

  • To query on the constituents who have an appeal with a gift associated, but no response, create a constituent query. Criteria: (Assigned Appeal ID not blank AND Assigned Appeal Response blank) AND Gifts > Appeal ID not blank.
  • Use a Constituent Appeal Import to create your import file with required fields (ImportID, CAPImpID, CAPAppealID, CAPResponse).
  • Update the Response in the CSV file.
  • Import using the Constituent Appeal Import to update existing records.


Create a Gift User-defined Business Rule that will prompt a user to go back and manually update the Appeal Response after adding a new gift.